Don’t make me go is out today: what it’s about

In the road trip of Max and his teenage daughter Wally there is everything. There are the laughter and the jokesbut also the quarrels, anger, pain, fear, forgiveness. And love, of course. It’s all within 109 minutes of Don’t make me goavailable to stream today on Prime Videos.

It’s a movie able to break the heart and comfort it at the same time: this is how a positive review published on IndieWire describes it. To get a taste of the ups and downs of emotions that this film can give to the public just look at the trailer, in which we see the man and the girl as protagonists interacting with each other (sometimes tenderly, sometimes laboriously) in the most classic father-daughter dynamics in adolescence. Directed by Hannah Marksborn in 1993, who in addition to being a director and screenwriter is also known as an actress, for example in the series Dirk Gently.

Things to know before seeing the film

Produced by Donald De Line, Leah Holzer and Peter Saraf, the film is written by Vera Herbert. Moreover, this is not a recent work: the first draft of the story is even dated June 8, 2012. At the time it was entitled A Story About My Father and that same year she had also been included in the annual list of best screenplays not yet produced a Hollywood.

It took exactly ten years before we saw that script “come to life”. Amazon Studios commissioned the development of the movie in March 2021 and Herbert herself – who by the way has already put her signature on exciting and tear-jerking titles in the past such as This is us – was involved as a writer and executive producer.

The moviewhich had its world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival 2022begins when Max discovers he has a terminal illness and decides to live out the time left to live to the fullest by taking his teenage daughter Wally on a road trip across the United States.

The little girl doesn’t really want to leave: it’s summer and she thinks above all of holidays, going out with friends and the fiancé. To convince her, her father promises that during the trip he will give her the dreams she dreams of driving lessons.

Officially Wally is driving his father from California in New Orleans for one reunion with former college classmatesbut in reality Max hopes to meet his ex-wife and Wally’s motherwho had left them long ago, to entrust his daughter to her in anticipation of her death.

The cast of Don’t make me go

Max is played by John Choa face that may be familiar to viewers: in fact, the American actor is best known for having played the role of Harold Lee in the Harold & Kumar films and those of Hikaru Sulu in the new Star Trek series. Mia Isaac (who also starred in Wally You Could Have Done Better and Not Okay) is instead Wally.

Then there are the cast Kaya Scodelario as Annie, Josh Thomson as Guy Connelly, Otis Dhanji as Glenn and Stefania LaVie Owen as Sandra. Mitchell Hope is Rusty, Jen Van Epps is Nicole and Jemaine Clement is Dale Angelo.

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