Doom Eternal Postponed to 2020, New Official Release Date


Bethesda and id Software have announced the postponement of the launch of Doom Eternal next year, which therefore will not make it out in 2019.

Bethesda and id Software have announced the postponement of Doom Eternal. The new official release date is March 20, 2020. This is a major delay, which deprives the end of 2019 of one of its key titles. Also note that the Nintendo Switch version will be released at a later date, not communicated.

We read the official motivations taken from the press release issued by Bethesda:

During the development of DOOM Eternal, our goal was to create a game that could exceed your expectations across the board.

To make sure we develop the best possible experience – so that DOOM Eternal can live up to our standards of speed and cleanliness – we made the decision to move the launch date a few months until March 20, 2020.

We are aware that many fans will be disappointed by this delay, but we are convinced that DOOM Eternal will offer a gaming experience worth waiting for.

In addition to the delay of the game, it was also announced that the Invasion mode will come with a post-launch patch, that Doom 64 will also be launched on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC as well as for Nintendo Switch and that it will become a bonus for those who book Doom Eternal. Doom 64 will also be available starting March 20, 2020.

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