Doug Bowser (Nintendo) hits Activision Blizzard

November 23, 2021, 18:41

Nintendo of America CEO Doug Bowser condemns the current situation at Activision. For this reason, the latter company plans to establish a Responsibility Committee at work.

In brief:

  1. The CEO of the US branch of Nintendo, Doug Bowser, criticized the current situation at Activision Blizzard.
  2. In connection with this entire affair, Activision decided to establish a Responsibility at Work Committee.

The group of Sony and Microsoft who condemn the current situation at Activision Blizzard has been joined by the CEO of the American branch of Nintendo, Doug Bowser. We know this from an e-mail sent to all employees of the company that was made public by Fanbyte.

Together with all of you I have been following the latest reports of reports of sexual harassment and toxicity from Activision Blizzard. I find the testimony on this matter disturbing and alarming. This situation runs counter to my values ​​and to those of Nintendo, beliefs and policies.

Later in the list, Bowser explains that Nintendo is committed to providing an open workplace. It claims that the company adheres to these standards and expects the same from partners and the rest of the industry.

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Nintendo itself has referred to this situation. In response to Fanbyte, it said that Bowser’s email was in line with what the company believed, and that there was nothing else to add on the matter.

In connection with the above, yesterday Activision Blizzard announced plans for creation Liability committee at work. Its board of directors will be Dawn Ostroff and Reveta Bowers, both of whom currently hold positions on the board of directors. In addition, it said that the company is working on adding another person to this board.

The committee will oversee new company policies and procedures to improve the work culture and eliminate all forms of harassment and discrimination. Interestingly, Bobby Kotick, who has been requested to leave, will be responsible for providing reports on the progress made in rectifying the situation.

Announcement ?? this was received quite skeptically by some Activision Blizzard employees. Some people criticize that the council does not include anyone outside the company’s management board and that its members supported Bobby Koticek not so long ago. Others for ?? perceive this move as a signal that Activision is going to at least for what? time to keep the current CEO.

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