Down with the NOT, now there is the POUT (which is not the PSUT). But in the meantime, 18 million euros to “get by” with the ancient Santa Chiara – Chronicle

TRENTO. The NOT has set. It is called the Trentino Hospital and University Pole POUT), not the Trentino Health and University Pole (PSUT), as Governor Fugatti said during the presentation. The initials will therefore be Pout and not Psut, the new entity that takes the place of Not, the New hospital in Trentino, archived and definitively placed in the bankruptcy drawer, except for judicial aftermath and claims for damages by companies, excludes and disappointed.

Of Hospital and University Center expressly speaks the resolution of the provincial government, published yesterday, which fully explains the reasons why it was decided to turn the page and above all to change the procedure. The more streamlined rules envisaged for projects of strategic importance have been adopted which will make it possible to shorten the times by assigning with a single contract, on the basis of a technical-economic feasibility project drawn up by the Province, the executive design and construction of the work. rapid that do not, however, exempt from taking better care of the S. Chiara, who will have to withstand a blow and stay up to date with a high quality healthcare offer with an ad hoc investment plan.

The hospital leaders recently formed an association expressly ask for it: «In view of the Not, there has been a halt to investments in the S. Chiara hospital, which suffers from various structural, logistical and instrumental problems. It is very important that, while waiting for the new hospital complex, which will certainly last for years, adequate support is given to the hospital in Trento but also to that of Rovereto ”say Dr. Mattia Barbareschi together with Maurizio del Greco and Luca Del Dot.

A new investment plan for the Santa Chiara was in fact announced and ensured by Fugatti and the director of Apss Antonio Ferro and on the list of priorities to be addressed, apart from the fire prevention regulations for which they are allocated. 18 million, a technical table is already active, made up of Dr. Pierpaolo Benetollo, head of hospital structures, Debora Furlani from the infrastructure department and Giancarlo Ruscitti, director of the department. When this work is completed, it will be illustrated to the provincial council for the necessary appropriations. medical school. And it also agrees with the choice of an extraordinary commissioner who will speed up the times.

“With regard to the new hospital site – add Barbareschi & C. – we believe it is essential that it be larger than initially envisaged, in order to respond to both the growing needs of care and the need to integrate the hospital with medical schools,” with the numerous degree courses that will derive from it, from a university campus perspective. We hope that the availability of additional spaces such as the Trentinello and the military areas may be sufficient to give the necessary breathing space, even if a different location, perhaps in an area more external to the city and with a better possibility of expansion and easier roads. , would have been more suitable for a structure that aspires to be the “Hospital and University Pole of Trentino”, and therefore not only of the city but of the entire territory ”

Finally, the primaries ask that the Pout be registered in a general plan of future health: «We are at your complete disposal – they conclude – with our wealth of experience and skills to be involved in defining the strategies that will lead to the design and construction of the Trentino Hospital and University Complex».

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