Dozens of phone calls from alarmed residents from via Mario Borsa in Casal Bruciato

Yellow in Casal Bruciato where a gunshot was fired, with the bullet later found stuck in the wall of an apartment. The shooting, or rather, the shot, woke the residents around 4:00 on the night of August 16. A real mystery, with the carabinieri investigating to ascertain what happened.

The call for intervention to 112 by dozens of inhabitants of via Mario Borsa, alarmed by the shot that broke the silence of the night. Timely intervention by the carabinieri of the Roma Piazza Dante station, who found no one on the road to the IV Tiburtino municipality.

Having carried out the first investigations, the investigators then found confirmation in the request for intervention for “a gunshot”. In an apartment on the sixth floor of a building on the street, the soldiers of the Arma have in fact found and seized a bullet which, after having pierced a shutter and a window, stuck in the wall of the house making the owner of the house tremble with fear. and his partner, both uncensored, and completely unrelated according to the first findings of the incident.

The carabinieri of the investigative unit in via in Selci were also on site, who seized the bullet and carried out all the scientific surveys. After listening to the man and woman residing in the sixth floor apartment, they reported never having received threats.

A real mystery, to which the investigators of the weapon are trying to give answers, who at the moment do not exclude any hypothesis, including that of the stray bullet. But there remains the yellow of one or more people shooting around with guns and shooting between the buildings of the Tiburtino.

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