Dr. Anthony Fauci: We don’t need a new vaccine against Omicron

Fauci expressed the opinion that booster doses of currently available vaccines provide good protection against Omicron. As he added, they reduce the risk of hospitalization due to hospitalization by 80 percent COVID-19.

– We urgently need universal vaccines against coronavirus – he stressed. In his opinion, there will certainly be new variants in the future coronavirus.

“It is highly unlikely, if not downright impossible, that we could eradicate COVID-19,” he said.

“We must try to keep it under control at such a low level that it does not block society, as is now the flu and other respiratory diseases,” said an adviser to successive US presidents, whose family comes from Italy. – We are probably going in this direction, but today in the United States with a million (new) cases (infections) per day and 145,000 people in hospitals, we are not there yet, he noted.

During the remote lectio magistralis, Dr. Fauci judged that when it comes to vaccinations, it is Italy have coped better than that USA. “I want to congratulate the Italians,” he added.

He also spoke about the need to unite forces at the global level in the fight against the pandemic.

‘We’ll be back to normal life eventually, hopefully sooner than later,’ emphasized Anthony Fauci.


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