Dr. Dre gives his opinion on the next generation

He doesn’t want to be “Dada”.

After Nearly 40 Years In The Industry, Dr. Dre Is In A Unique Position Global view of the evolution of hip-hop, talk show guest ,“Heart to Heart” Presented by Kevin Hart, West Coast Pillar Producer Share your opinion on new generation of rappersespecially on how The latter are regularly criticized by elders.

,I want to tell you something. That’s what hip-hop is. Anyone who talks negatively about the current state of hip-hop sounds like a grandpa. That’s how hip-hop evolved. If you don’t like it, don’t listen.”

Even more Even if he admits he doesn’t necessarily appreciate today’s rap, Dre maintains a certain reserve. and acknowledges the evolution of hip-hop.

“I’ll be honest with you. I don’t like most of these sounds. There are a lot of sounds that I don’t hear. But I don’t criticize and I will never criticize. (…) These kids for what they have If you don’t like what’s happening, are you strong enough or talented enough to do something new to change it? Do something you do like. If not, keep quiet. That’s it. Hey, stop criticizing.,

On the other hand, there is one new generation artist that Dr. Dre particularly admires is Kendrick Lamar. To the maker, we call Compton’s rapper A “Eternal Artist” Whose music lives on and will live forever.

“Kendrick Lamar is a real artist, the real definition of the word. (…) He can disappear for five years and come back and destroy everything. Some artists say to themselves: ” I have to release new stuff all the time like I can’t forget”, that’s not his case. He can disappear and come back with something shocking and unbelievable, and everyone will listen.”

it’s hard to deny on this point !


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