Dr Maciej Tarkowski: Coronavirus has acquired most of the possible mutations

“Now we have to wait to determine if this virus is even more virulent than Delta, and if it has a greater potential for transmission. But hopefully not – added the Polish scientist from Lombardy. He admitted that the emergence of new variants is “a real totalizer”.

When asked if there was any cause for concern, he replied, “ There is certainly cause for concern, but we will have to wait to see if this will turn into a global problem and whether it will turn into a global problem. Omicron will supersede Delta.

– Earlier this year there was a coincidence a new variant of the virus in San Diego, USAwhich spread in the thousands but did not eventually spread, Dr. Tarkowski noted.

This, in his opinion, may mean that the experts in Italy and South Africa, who are soothing, are right.

– But she’s right too World Health ORganisation, because as it is the guardian of health on a global scale, it must warn and rightly gave this virus the status of a VOC, i.e. a worrying variant – he assessed

– We must be patient. I understand that for everyone – including me – who have already planned trips and visits for the holidays or need certainty about the days without restrictions for normal functioning, this patience is put to a hard test – he admitted.

– In a few weeks, the research will tell us in which direction this new variant is headed – he stressed.

Relating to the issue vaccinations for children, currently considered in Europe, Dr. Tarkowski said: – Unfortunately, it turns out that children are also very vulnerable to the consequences of SARS-CoV-2 infections.

– Therefore, I understand that the decision to include this group is justified and especially has grounds because the virus continues to mutate – he admitted.

Maciej Tarkowski is in the group of the research team that isolated the Italian strain of the coronavirus. This made it possible to compare its variant with the virus isolated from Chinese patients and further research into how both variants mutate.

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