Draghi authorizes the change of the house at no cost

Electricity and gas bills are a terrible sting for families but now there is a turning point that can really allow them to be eliminated.

As we know, Italian families have been in serious trouble since they started increases in inflation.


In particular, it is precisely the electricity and gas bills a become increasingly heavy and to be expected to increase also in the third quarter.

The turning point that helps families

But with the new ecological turn of the government, the Italians they can actually say goodbye to these bills and cancel out this tremendous cost.


It was precisely inflation combined with the war in Ukraine that caused the cost of gas to skyrocket. Inflation did increase costs and at the same time Russia supplied less and less gas to Europe. The strong increase in the price of gas has also had its effects on the price of energy and therefore both bills have become very expensive for Italians. Italian families therefore pay very high bills but with the new government measure these bills can really be zeroed out.

New ecological and saving measure

We are not talking about the famous social bonuses on bills. In fact, the social bonuses allow you to get help on your bills but clearly they cannot reset them. The really strong turning point of the government is the so-called energy income. Energy income is a real breakthrough because all families who have an ISEE within € 20,000 they can request € 6000 or € 8500 for the installation of solar panels on the roof or on the balcony of the house. Families who are within this ISEE threshold will therefore be able to count on € 6,000 (or € 8500 if they also need the battery) not only for the purchase of solar panels but also for their installation and for the possible removal of pre-existing structures. Both the roof and the balcony of the house can accommodate solar panels and this means for families to be able concretely reset the electricity bill.

Savings on energy and gas

But the important thing about this innovation is that if the electricity produced in sufficient quantity, the family can also say goodbye to the gas supply switching to a heating system and an electric cooker. In this way the family will be able to reset both utilities or remain with only the electricity bill but in any case it is strongly lowered. This is a truly ecological and important aid for families. Energy income has already started in Puglia and in other local realities. To ask for it, go to the region’s website and check the ISEE conditions and any other conditions. Also on the website of the region you will find the forms to be filled in to be able to request the energy income. The figures of € 6,000 are those established by the Puglia region which was the first to initiate this important measure. However, other regions may also pay out different figures.

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