“Draghi? I hope that after the vote he will continue with an important role”

Salvini: “Russian tweets don’t count, Italians will vote”

– “I am not interested in the insults of the Democratic Party. Italians and not Russians, Chinese and Eskimos will vote. Abroad they can say what they want, but I am not interested in making a controversy with the rest of the world”, said the leader of the League. Tg4 about the controversy over the statements of the vice president of the Russian National Security Council Medvedev.

“Abolish the Fornero law once and for all”

– For Salvini, moreover, one of the cornerstones of the Lega’s electoral campaign is “stopping the Fornero law once and for all”. On the subject of pensions, in fact, the former deputy premier said that the goal is “Quota 41” to help those who have been working for 41 years and help young people to set foot in the world of work that is not precarious “.

The center-right tightens on the lists

– Work in progress and to the bitter end, at least for another 24 hours, on the electoral lists of the center-right. The risk of colleges and candidates for the next elections is at the final rush and fibrillation is rising. The latest moves are played in via della Scrofa, in the offices of Fratelli d’Italia which opens the doors to the rest of the coalition, in a semi-deserted Rome. Technical summit is the word most repeated by the participants, as if to mislead and reduce its scope. In fact, here documents are checked, candidacies are accepted, consequently files are filed and it is a question: in times of political “famine”, every college torn up is even more precious. Especially if the division is made by four, as many as there are federated parties for the vote on 25 September.

Calenda: “The Democratic Party will return with the M5s, we for Draghi as premier”

– The program is there, the leader as well, we will have to wait for Friday for the lists. And as for the premier, the desire would be to still have Mario Draghi. Carlo Calenda reiterates this once again, during the presentation of the program-of him and of Italia Viva-to the voters. In the Sala Nassirya of the Senate, in the midst of the team of ministers who support the Third Pole (Mara Carfagna, Mariastella Gelmini, Elena Bonetti), together with Maria Elena Boschi and Luigi Marattin, the leader of Action leaves no room for misunderstandings about what the polar star of the alliance with Matteo Renzi: “Our goal is simple: to go ahead with the Draghi agenda, with the Draghi method and possibly have Draghi as Prime Minister”.

The themes are those set out in these days – ranging from nuclear power to the direct election of the premier,

from the cut of the Citizenship Income to the abolition of the appeal for the sentences of acquittal

– which led to the break with the Democratic Party and associates. An issue that still bears the aftermath of him and on which Calenda continues to beat, even in the future. “The Democratic Party will return 5 minutes after the 5-star elections, just read the statements by Orlando, Bonini, Boccia”, teases the leader of Action, who tries to create some hesitation in the field of former allies, when he says: “For people like Cottarelli, Bonino and Bentivoglio and many others I mean: the doors continue to be open “.

Letta: “If Meloni wins, you risk Italy’s presence in the world”

– Enrico Letta is also involved in the debate on the political future of Italy. According to the secretary of the Democratic Party, if Giorgia Meloni wins the elections, “the happiest people in the world would be Putin, Trump and Orban in Europe. So there is a great risk of a great change in Italy’s presence on a world level” . The former premier underlines “also a great great risk for the country in economic and social terms and the way in which the country would be governed in terms of unity and cohesion. The next elections will be crucial and we continue to fight to avoid this result” .

Conte: “Medvedev’s intervention is inappropriate and dangerous”

– The leader of the M5s, Giuseppe Conte, also spoke on the statements made by Medvedev. For the former prime minister, Dmitri Medvedev’s interference on the upcoming European elections “is inappropriate and dangerous. Italians must not take lessons and advice from anyone, much less from those who have become protagonists of war and conduct that violate the most elementary human rights “.

Di Maio: “Civic commitment will go well over 3%”

– Ostenta trusts the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, according to whom “his” Civic Commitment “will be the surprise of these elections, going well over 3%”.

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