Draghi resigns, on Wednesday he will report in the Chamber. Di Maio: “M5s no longer exists, it is a boss party” – Politics

The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella rejected the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi and invited the Prime Minister to present himself to Parliament. Draghi will report to the Chambers on Wednesday.

“The M5s is gone, now it’s called Conte’s party. It is a boss party that has decided to put its flags before security and national unity”, affirms the Foreign Minister. Luigi Di Maio. “If we go into ordinary administration from Wednesday we will not be able to do almost anything more than what is needed to overcome the economic crisis. I am talking about the decree of 15 billion against the expensive bills. We do not have the powers to make the budget law and we will go into provisional exercise. . We no longer have the negotiating power at international tables to get the gas price cap. It is irresponsible not to understand it. “

Eyes on the Bags. It improves Piazza Affari after an initial retreat on parity. The Ftse Mib index gained 1.02% to 20,765 points, with the differential between German BTPs and Bunds down to 213.4 points and the Italian annual yield down by 0.9 points to 3.228%. The increases for Hera (+ 3.03%) and Pirelli (+ 2.86%) are confirmed. Eni accelerates (+ 2.14%), followed by Amplifon (+ 2.09%), Enel (+ 2.03%), A2a (+ 2.05%) and Stm (+ 1.94%). Intesa also does better (+ 1.46%), followed by Bper (+ 0.74%) and Banco Bpm (+ 0.71%), while Unicredit remains little move (+ 0.27%). Moncler slips (-1.91%). Also down were Campari (-1.17%) and Tim (-0.77%), while Saipem continued to make no price (-23.93%) once the capital increase was completed.

The President of the Republic did not accept the resignation and invited the President of the Council to present himself to Parliament to make communications, so that an assessment of the situation that has arisen following the results of the session held today at the Senate of the Republic. It can be read in a note from the Quirinale.

Draghi, during the meeting of the CDM would have told ministers that on Wednesday he will report to the Chambers and the parties are already outlining their positions.

“The outcome on Wednesday in the classroom is not taken for granted, it depends on maturity”, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio told the special of Tg1. “We need an act of maturity and not just responsibility on the part of the political forces,” he added. “I hope that tomorrow we can already do it and that there is the will to do it”, he specified.

“The League has been loyal, constructive and generous for a year and a half, but for weeks President Draghi and Italy have been victims of too many No’s of the 5 Star Movement and of the ideological forcing of the Democratic Party. The League, united and compact too. after the numerous meetings today, he shares his concern for the fate of the country: it is unthinkable that Italy should suffer weeks of paralysis in a dramatic moment like this, no one should be afraid to give back to the Italians “. So reports a note from the League.

“Now only at work so that on Wednesday in the Chambers the majority will be recreated and the Draghi government can restart. The country is plunging into a very serious crisis that it cannot afford”. So the Pd.

“We don’t accept jokes, for FdI this term is over and we will fight to give back to the citizens what all democracies have and that is the freedom to choose who to be represented to do what “. Thus the leader of brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni on the stage of the Patriots party in Palombara Sabina.

“Congratulations to the M5S for having done this trouble while there is an ongoing crisis, there is a war on the borders of Europe, the stock market has already collapsed today, the Spread goes up, there is a surge in the prices of all raw materials. It is irresponsible to have provoked this case, with an arrogance and with blackmail that is unacceptable “. The national coordinator of Come on Italy Antonio Tajani on the sidelines of the ceremony for the feast of July 14 at Palazzo Farnese in Rome.

“The M5s has supported this government from the beginning with a vote” and with the “pillars of ecological transition and social justice. forcing it’s a blackmail for which norms against the ecological transition enter a dl that has nothing to do with it, we for no reason in the world will give the votes “, said in the afternoon the leader of the 5s Giuseppe Conte leaving his home. “If someone has made a forcing take responsibility for the page written yesterday. The introduction” of that page “was the meeting of the CDM in which our ministers did not participate in the vote”. “If we make commitments with the government, Parliament and citizens and are consistent, who can afford to contest this linearity and this consistency? We do not ask for posts, appointments, anything, but we obviously ask to respect a program defined at the beginning: ecological transition and the urgency of the social question that has now exploded. Or there are real, structural and important answers to oppose no one can have our votes “.

Line also made explicit by the pentastellata Castellone group leader. “The line is the one we follow from not voting in CDM, and then in the House or today in the Senate, where we have chosen not to vote on the merits of a provision. Instead there is all our willingness to trust the government“in a possible verification” unless Draghi says he wants to dismantle the citizenship income or demolish every single measure of ours piece by piece, from the dignity decree to the cashback “. Mentana. “We have always had a constructive attitude but we do not allow our measures to be dismantled”, he adds.

“I believe that for the interests of the country the Draghi government must go ahead”: The national secretary of the Democratic Party said so, Enrico Letta, arriving in Portonovo di Ancona, commenting on the crisis of the executive after the tear in the Senate of the M5s. “I think it is in everyone’s interest that the government continues – added Letta – An interest that is also maturing with very strong impulses coming from everywhere, even from the social partners, from the world of work, from the European Union”.

The Senate Chamber confirmed the confidence placed in the government on the aid decree. The yes were 172, the no 39, no abstentions. The M5s did not participate in the vote and was absent from the first and second calls. The premier Mario Draghi he left the Senate and went up to the Quirinale by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. The face-to-face lasted just under an hour. The prime minister then returned to Palazzo Chigi.

With the Movement the last hypothesis of mediation launched by the pentastellato D’Incà minister, who had proposed the ok to the text without trust, had also jumped.

“If I feel guilty and if this government crisis is the fault of Rome and the waste-to-energy plant? No, it is not Rome’s fault. We make the right choices”. This was stated by the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri, intercepted by journalists at the celebration of the Unification of Rome in Caracalla

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