Draghi’s latest blitz on LGBT rights. Fdi’s Anger: “Serious”

One of the last paws of the Draghi government it concerns the LGBT world, a move that is not particularly liked by Brothers of Italy. During the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, the executive passed the national LGBT strategy. A dossier that was close to the heart of the outgoing Prime Minister, he reports Republic: the plan is valid until 2025 and includes a series of interventions “Binding”.

What does the LGBT package include

The text was written in agreement between different ministries, the minister assured Bonetti: in the political control room “There were representatives of local authorities and 60 associations”. A very shared process, according to the owner of Equal Opportunities: “The strategy is three years, we are asked by Europe also for the purpose of financing for specific projects. It is binding “.

The national LGBT strategy provides parental leave for gay parents and incentives for companies that hire transgender people. Among the binding interventions, the university “double booklet” for transgendermeasures to combat the “negative effects of conversion treatments (reparative theories) for LGBT minors” and the inclusion in collective labor agreements of “anti-discriminatory rules for homosexuals”.

FdI against Draghi

Draghi’s blitz has been interpreted as a rudeness within Fratelli d’Italia. The Equal Opportunity Manager Isabella Rauti spoke about a question of method: “I consider it serious that the outgoing government presents a multi-year national strategy on the eve of the birth of a new executive and a new Parliament”. Also Eugenia Roccella he spared no criticism of the outgoing premier. For the former Family Day spokesperson, newly elected with FdI, this is an incorrect and senseless move: “The national strategy serves to apply the EU rules in Italy, launched in 2020. The government has had 2 years, to do it now, a few days after the changeover, is just a publicity stunt, because no commitments can be made for the subsequent government “. But Meloni’s party has clear ideas: the plan will be retouched. “We will start all over again, with our line”the confirmation of Roccella.

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