Dragon Age 4 is getting closer. BioWare reminds you of the world of Thedas during Dragon Age Day

Dragon Age 4 is coming, but the wait for this RPG is mercilessly prolonged. BioWare and EA remind us from time to time about the world of Thedas from this brand.

This is also the case now. On the occasion of Dragon Age Day, BioWare has published 2 short stories, set in the world of Thedas, of course. The first of the stories entitled “You don’t know the day”, written by Brianne Battye, describes the romantic moments between the two Gray Wardens. The second text is “Eternal Flame”, prepared by Sylvia Feketekuty. Here we learn the fate of two necromancers who wonder about the strange case of a skull that suddenly started screaming.

The stories written by the scriptwriters employed at BioWare are nice (the first such texts appeared in 2020), but we were hoping for something more. Especially since December 4 was Dragon Age Day, so there was a great opportunity to reveal the trailer for Dragon Age 4. Unfortunately, at the moment, the leaks are such that we will wait a long time for this role-play – informants report that there is little chance for it that we would play a continuation of Dragon Age Inquisition before 2023. BioWare itself announced that news about this project will probably not be revealed until the next months of 2022.

At this point, the said stories, published on the occasion of the Dragon Age Day, are waiting for you (their Polish version is available).

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