Dragon Ball: FighterZ update adds Broly to the roster

Dragon Ball: FighterZ has received a new update and that adds the character Broly to the game. This is not unexpected, since Bandai Namco previously revealed the release date as well as the trailer, in which we see Broly in action. In addition to the new character, a number of things will also be adjusted with this update.

This is a fairly minor update, so it’s mainly about Broly.¬†When you¬†have downloaded¬†this¬†update¬†, Broly will not be automatically in the game.¬†You will have to download this separately, but it will not take much time.¬†Below you can still see the patch notes and the trailer for Broly.

  • Added data for DRAGON BALL FighterZ – FighterZ Pack 14 downloadable content.
    Note: Must be purchased and downloaded separately.
  • Made it possible to see Ring Match and Arena Match participation status on the Lobby Selection screen.
  • Made improvements to Ranked Matches
    Changed the number of rematches allowed to 30 regardless of a change in rank.
  • Fixed issues with fighting mechanics.
  • Updated replay data version.
    (Replay data from older versions cannot be played)
  • Improved game performance and stability.

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