Dragon Ball Heroes

That’s when the new episode of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arrives, as well as the first details on the plot.

The Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime continues with the airing of new episodes in Japan, although some weeks may elapse between the release of one and the other. At the time of writing, episode 15 is officially available, and therefore it is more than normal for the public to wait patiently for the next one, that is episode 16.

We already have the few details available about the 16th episode of the Dragon Ball Heroes anime. Apparently, after yet another clash between Kamioren and Son Goku, the next episode will focus on reviving Zamasu. In fact, the title expected for the moment is “The Resurrected Zamasu! “It will probably also be the last episode dedicated to the narrative arc of the universal conflict, and the character of Trunks of the Future could soon return to the fore. The release date is currently scheduled for an unspecified day in October 2019, but it is at least sure that next month the new episode will come in.

We will come back to talking about Super Dragon Ball Heroes as soon as Toei Animation will release new details, in the near future an official localization cannot be ruled out even for our country, in the wake of the enormous success of the work of Akira Toriyama.

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