Dragon Ball Z, the Characters From the Cartoon Network Style Series


A fan of Dragon Ball Z has decided to draw the main protagonists (and enemies) in a style similar to that of modern cartoons and Cartoon Network.

The experimentation of artists, fans, and designers often reaches really interesting levels: one of them, for example, has thought well in these hours of drawing the main protagonists of Dragon Ball Z (especially the enemies) in a style similar to that of Cartoon Network.

Certainly the modern and deforming style of many of the Cartoon Network productions are already known to our readers: the idea guided Davidk9292 in creating his drawings dedicated to Dragon Ball Z, then published in Reddit where they also met with enormous success (over two thousand positive interactions, almost three thousand at the time of writing). Among those present we note the bad guys of the main narrative arcs of Dragon Ball Z, therefore Freezer, Cell, Majin Bu, but also Radish, Napa, Darbula, Zarbon and many others. Vegeta is not missing either.

What do you think of a Dragon Ball Z anime with this style? It would certainly take a long time to get used to it. We remind you that currently, Dragon Ball Super has finished broadcasting its episodes, even in Italy; a new animated series should arrive in the near future, focusing on the narrative arc of Galactic Patrol and Moro (currently the subject of the manga).

Cartoon Dragon Ball Z by Cubesona from dbz

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