Dragon Quest XII, Square Enix Is ​​Preparing for the New Project

Dragon Quest Xii, Square Enix Is ​​Preparing for the New Project

Square Enix has begun to deal with Dragon Quest XII, but for the official presentation, it will be necessary to wait. Meanwhile, Dragon Quest Wal has been announced, the iOS and Android mobile chapter.

On the occasion of the Dragon Quest Walk announcement event, a new chapter in the series for the mobile market, Square Enix mentioned the development of Dragon Quest XII. The executive producer Yuu Miyake and the creator of the series Yuji Horii have indeed confirmed that they are committed to the preparations for the new project. 

“Regarding Dragon Quest XII, which I am sure is on everyone’s mind, Yuji Horii and I are currently making preparations for the developments in the series that will link to the twelfth chapter. I think it’s still a little too early, but we would like to announce it somehow, so we ask you to be patient again for a while, “commented Miyake.

At the head of the news is the full video of the presentation. The extract we reported is visible at 15:46. 

Dragon Quest Walk is under development for iOS and Android devices. The title is developed by Colopl and will be released in Japan during the year. Square Enix will carry out a closed beta test whose start is set for June 11th. 

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of a Lost Era is available in Europe on PlayStation 4 since last September. The Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch will be released next fall.

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