Dragons at the UN, stand firm against Putin. Italy will remain with the EU and NATO – World

Russia’s war on Ukraine undermines the “values” and “ideals” of the international community. Which must remain united and firm in its response to Moscow’s arrogance, even in the case of the referendum on the Donbass which, once again, “violate international law”. Mario Draghi speaks for the second and last time before the United Nations General Assembly. It does so while the world awaits Vladimir Putin’s speech, postponed by the hour, and appeals to the international community “not to divide itself between North and South”, to remain united, once again, in the face of the “Tsar’s” provocations. , because everyone’s future is at stake. Italy “in the next few years will continue to be the protagonist of European life, close to NATO allies”, is the message that he sends from the stage of the Glass Palace to the Chancelleries who are awaiting the outcome of the vote on 25 September. But the speech is concentrated entirely on the Ukrainian crisis, on which Draghi had the opportunity to confront in the morning at the UN Headquarters with the Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal.

Being with Kiev, the premier underlines in his speech, was the only possible choice. And now that the Ukrainian army has gained an “important strategic advantage” on the ground, even if the outcome remains “unpredictable”, we must not desist from seeking the conditions for peace. And of agreements, such as that on wheat, that lead to a “demilitarization” of the Zaporizhzhia area, to avert a “nuclear catastrophe”. The advance of Kiev, the premier claims, was possible “also thanks to our military assistance”. On the other hand, an invasion “planned for months and on several fronts” cannot be stopped “only in words”. But it must be contrasted with the economic, humanitarian and military support for Ukraine and with the sanctions that have had “a disruptive effect on the Russian war machine”, has weakened the action of Moscow, which “with a weaker economy” will do more. struggles to “react to the losses that accumulate on the battlefield”.

The wars, however, and the sanctions, have increasingly serious negative effects on the countries aligned against Russia. Maintaining “social cohesion” must be the mantra that guides the choices of governments that must continue to pursue “cooperation” as already happened with the Covid pandemic and in the spirit of the last G20 which also allowed the fight against climate change. The crises triggered by the war, “food, energy, economic”, require us to “rediscover the value of multilateralism”, insisted Draghi, citing the 1988 speech by Mikhail Gorbachev on the need for cooperation to tackle global problems. And the reaction to the war in Ukraine, for the Italian premier, to reaffirm that gratuitous violence cannot have a place in the twenty-first century. Protecting citizens is the appeal that Draghi is releasing from the UN, also asking the EU to “do more” and to impose that ceiling on the price of gas on which it is still difficult to close an agreement. Europe, is the message that Draghi sends to Brussels, where it will probably still be he, waiting for the new government, to negotiate at the Council on 20 and 21 October, “must support the member states while they support Kiev”.

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