Dragusin to Genoa on loan with redemption obligation

Ilsanker (C – Eintracht Frankfurt (final)
Charpentier (A – Frosinone (Genoa counter-redemption)
Augustine (P – Teramo (end of loan)
Accounts (A – Sanremese (end of loan)
Mukaj (D – Torres (end of loan)
radius (D – Siena (end of loan)
Dumbravanu (D – Siena (end of loan)
Rizzo (D – Royal Excelsior Virton (end of loan)
Touré (C – Fatih Karagümrük (end of loan)
Biraschi (C – Fatih Karagümrük (end of loan)
Zaccone (D – Siena (end of loan)
Horses (D – Seravezza Pozzi (end of loan)
Candle (D – Cesena (end of loan)
Sabelli (D – Brescia (end of loan)
Want (D – Benevento (end of loan)
Turchet (C – Torres (end of loan)
Cleric (C – Olbia (end of loan)
Sweater (C – Sanremese (end of loan)
Zennaro (C – Pergolettese (end of loan)
Case (A – Cosenza)
Malltezi (C – Prato (end of loan, Genoa contract expiry 30 6)
Estrella Galeazzi (A – Catania (end of loan, Genoa contract expiry 30 6)
Caicedo (A – Inter (end of loan)
Parisians (A – Como (end of loan)
Petrelli (A – Carrarese (end of loan)
Favilli (A – Monza (end of loan)
Josep Martinez (P – Leipzig)
Tail (A – Lecce (final)
Pajac (D – released)
Mecons (D – Academy Civitanovese (definitive)
Dragusin (D – Juventus (loan with redemption obligation)

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