Drake bets against Brazilian in the UFC and loses more than R$ 2 million

Rapper scored a defeat of Charles do Bronx, but the Brazilian fighter won in the first round, by submission!

It wasn’t an online bingo bet, but Canadian rapper Drake used a gambling site to try and make a fortune. The bet of the night would be the defeat of Brazilian Charles do Bronx in the UFC dispute this Saturday, in the duel against Justin Gaethje in the main event of UFC 274.

The Brazilian didn’t have the best weekend. He couldn’t beat the lightweight division’s weight and, as a result, lost the belt before he even entered the Octagon. With that, a lot of people in the specialized press in MMA nailed a loss of Do Bronx to his opponent.

Moments before the fight began, Drake shared his bet against Do Bronx on his social media. The Canadian rapper’s bet was 550 thousand Canadian dollars (just over R$ 2.1 million at the current price) on a victory for the American fighter.

If Gaethje had won the fight, Drake would have won no less than 1.375 million Canadian dollars (more than R$ 5.4 million at the current price). But what was seen in the octagon must not have pleased the rapper’s star, since the Brazilian didn’t give his rival, current Top in the category, any chance.

In the first round, Charles do Bronx managed to destabilize his rival and took him to the ground, where he is an expert. Clinging to the North American, he managed to go to the back and fit a rear naked choke, when the forearm is used to suffocate the rival.

The Brazilian didn’t give the American any chance of recovery and won the fight with just over three minutes into the fight. After the victory, he said into the microphone that he wanted the belt back and called Irish loudmouth Conor McGregor for a fight – the Irishman is recovering from a leg injury and still has no return date.

While the Brazilian fighter celebrated the victory, Drake racked up one more defeat in his sports betting. And the list, for those who don’t know, is long, as the Canadian likes to bet high amounts on UFC fights or NFL games.

In early March, for example, Drake bet around $275,000, around R$1 million, on Jorge Masvidal’s victory against Colby Covington at UFC 272. Unfortunately for Drake, however, Colby Covington won. Masvidal.

After the match, Drake was teased by Covington. “He needs to go back to selling these shitty albums to get his money back. Drake, you suck at sports betting. Go back to your albums and raps,” he snapped. He placed bets on bitcoin worth R$6 million. With the victory of the Los Angeles Rams over the Cincinnati Bengals, the rapper earned an approximate amount of R$ 12 million.

Drake’s busy life on betting sites is explained by the revenue and fortune that the rapper has. Three years ago, Forbes magazine put his net worth at $150 million, while the latest estimates come in at $180 million.

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