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Drake decided to treat the rumors about his romance with Kylie Jenner. Have long the media will try to find out who wrote that the rapper is Dating a celebrity. Unfortunately, there was never any specific confirmation, but stay together on the same party is a bad proof.

Drake published on instagramowym live new piece, written in collaboration with Future. The text refers to Jennerki… and not only.

“Yes, I hejterem to society. Itself, however, Kylie Jenner is the girl on the side. Yes, I have 20 of them*sent Kylie” – can be heard.
On Kendall, too, there was something… “Yes, I have 20 of the damned Kendall. Young slender body and in Vogue”.
As if they thought that this is the family Kardashian/ Jenner, it’s not – you can hear something about Gigi Hadid: “Yes, I have 20 of them*sent Gigi”.

What do you think about this text? Interestingly, this Kylie Jenner…

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