Drake dyes his nails pink, drives his most anti-gay fans crazy (and they put them in their place) Lemberg Zeitung

Display of homophobia in rap?

The rap megastar’s response? ,Stop my comments!“. It has the quality of being clear.

Always for Drake, who responded to his friend (and rapper) Lil Yachty’s derision in his comments, “the world is anti gay“. That’s what has been said. The artist has also already mentioned the very questionable insinuations that he was the subject of during his remarkable rendition with the rapper. 21 Savage on song Rich Flex In November 2022: “People Have Been Homophobic For The First Time Since Rich Flakes, It’s Not That Long When I Think About Ithe quipped.

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And yes Drake, “the world is about to fear homosexuality”, and the rap community won’t deny it. ,Rap is a very masculine medium that has always highlighted masculinity. Calling another ‘fag’ is the best way to convey that you are the dominant male and the other is female.“, rap journalist Thomas Blondeau observed during a dedicated survey already five years ago. Fortunately, artist Frank Ocean is helping to shake the genre (music, and not only) from yesterday to Lil Nas X today.

In France, voices are rare but do exist, such as rapper Lapsusser, author of the hit suck your friend, Young videographer and rapper Theodort also enjoyed mocking the macho rap culture among the younger generation through one of his fictional characters, rapper “Pedee”, “the first gay rapper”, most notably at the center of a video that followed it. Left the milestone of three million views. Humor that conspires, to break a genuine taboo, even if it means upsetting the most narrow-minded listeners.

How to change mindset? Like Drake, we cross our fingers.

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