Drake Makes a Necessary But Unstable Change

Over the last decade, Drake built an empire out of sprawling albums that looked more like playlists, and functioned as such, with a primary focus on dominating streaming platforms. “Honestly, Nevermind“, the Canadian’s newest album, is the first step, still fickle, out of this formula.

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When launched “Certified Lover Boy“, in 2021, Drake was showing clear signs that he was feeling the wear and tear of this mechanical way of producing music, which made him the most listened to artist in the world. Spotify, in the history of the streaming service. With bland and repetitive tracks, tiredness was what set the tone of the album.

“Honestly, Nevermind” arrives with the aim of marking the beginning of a new phase in the rapper’s career. With a release announced just 90 minutes before it happens, the album surprises not only for its sudden arrival, but also for being the most daring and experimental of the artist’s career so far.

In the work, the artist crosses between hip hop, R&B and House Music. Over 14 tracks, something surprisingly succinct by the standards of the star, we hear a sequence of dancing songs, which gain attention by the effort to reveal the different from the tasteless standard that was already so crystallized by the artist.

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In the manifesto that accompanied the release of the album, Drake makes an outburst, somewhat chaotic, about how he was seeing his career and his life at the point where it is, and makes clear the path that led him to bring to the world a break in expectations. so strong.

“I let my humility turn to numbness at times, letting time pass by knowing I had the stamina to find him in another time.”, he says right at the beginning. “I can’t remember the last time someone put their phone down, looked me in the eye and asked me what I think of the current times.” write in another part.

“I got here by being realistic. I didn’t get here being blind. I know what things are and especially what and who is on my side.”, he says, already heading towards the end. All these feelings expressed in these excerpts can be perceived in different ways in “Honestly, Nevermind”.

Despite departing from this spirit of renewal, the album is quite fickle and is not fully resolved with the paths it set out to take. There are times when Drake’s experience with House is exciting and bears fruit. Much of the work, however, suffers from generic ideas and fatigue.

currents” and “the keeper” are great moments when the artist manages to balance well between the danceable electronic rhythm and the B&B, while adding a touch of melancholy and pouring out his sorrows. “I’ve found a new muse / That’s bad news for you / Why would I keep you around?”.

In “sticky” he vents about family memories and conflicts with people and situations in his life of glam and sex, all wrapped up in an engaging beat and interpretation. “massive” is one of the best moments, the electronic outfit sets the tone for a mix of vulnerability and confused self-confidence.

At other times the keynote of the album loses balance. The mix between hip hop and electronics is mismatched, and loses strength, as in the case of “Texts Go Green“. Between the last tracks, the rapper seems to go into autopilot and I’ve fallen into doldrums and repetition. With the exception of the last one, “Jimmy Cooks“, with the participation of 21 Savage and a comment about Will Smith.

Honestly, Nevermind” has the merit of representing Drake’s attempt at renewal and a search for new avenues in music. However, the album has its ups and downs and sounds inconsistent. The feeling that remains is that the record serves as a preparation for something future, with good chances of greater maturity.

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