Drake receives a giant bra

The father of Canadian rapper Drake “pranked” his son in the middle of a concert in Los Angeles on August 16.

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Drake received an imposing gift at his feet during a concert: a bra so big it could well serve as a Paleo tent (yes, we’re exaggerating, but given the current temperatures, you don’t need many centimeters squares for shelter).

This is not the first time that the Canadian rapper, in the middle of the “It’s All A Blur” tour with 21 Savage, has been sprayed with alluring clothes: in July, in New York, a woman had already launched her push-up towards the artist. The size of the intruder, belonging to a certain Veronica Correia, had not left this last coi: “Shit. 36G? Locate this woman immediately”he had suddenly launched to the crowd.

If the adventure had ended in a happy conclusion – even involving Playboy (to find out which one, we let you read the article above) – the singer recently let it be known that the bras, during his concerts, had to remain wisely “pegged” to their owners. He notably let it be known during a tour in Los Angeles that he “didn’t want to talk about boobs tonight” because his 5-year-old son Adonis “was attending the concert for the very first time in his life”.

“We’re going to activate parental controls, keep your bras on. You will throw them at me another evening”

Drake, not without promising to bring him this anecdote one day.

But on August 16, the father of the Canadian rapper decided to bounce back with humor on the phenomenon. Dennis Graham notably had an X(X)XL version bra designed for his offspring. He secured the good services of a fan to send the parcel bomb, on which he was written:

“Dad wishes you great things. I love you and make sure you are always breastfed”

Dennis Graham, a caring father

The artist was first taken aback, before understanding by reading the pinned note: “Oh, it comes from my father? My dad did it for me.”

Days later, the prankster daron gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at the prank, sharing a video on Instagram. On the latter, we can see the stylist Zoba Martin making the piece of lingerie with colossal measurements.

The oversized object did not further arouse the curiosity of the 36-year-old rapper, who said:

“I don’t even know if I want to see (red: the owner of the object), because then I will believe that extraterrestrials exist”

For Drake, one thing is certain, this last jet could well mark “the end of the saga” of flying bras.


Drake receives a giant bra on stage👇

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