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Kim Kardashian decides to tell about her trauma related to you. The famous member of the Kardashianw clan has been repeatedly elected in the press. A beautiful period in your life will turn into a nightmare. She said, “That was nasty.”

Photo: Shutterstock Kim Kardashian talks about his trauma

Difficulties ciy

For all women who want a solution, having a baby is always a great experiencefull of indescribable joy. However, the time of childbirth can be an extremely difficult experience for many mothers, as is the period of pregnancy itself.

Kim’s disease

Kim Kardashian is one of those women who she had to face many difficultiesto greet her little son and little son to the world. The celebrity suffered from eclampsia, or eklampsj. It is extremely important for the life and health of the mother and child, characterized by seizures and loss of consciousness, as well as a constant headache, visual disturbances and vomiting.

She wanted a mother

Both of you, with North and Saint, Kim recalls as time extremely heavy for her. They were still planning on making the family bigger with the meme Kanye West. However, many fears drove the marriage to hire a surrogate, and thus other children were born to the world: the daughter of Chicago and the son of Psalm.

Kim and Kate

In 2013, Kim was pregnant with her daughter North, and at the same time, Prince Kate was expecting her first child. Prince George was born in Five of 2013. Kardashian mentioned that she was likened to the wife of Prince William. It was a traumatic experience for her. Kim confessed:

These comparisons killed my self-esteem. It was really nasty.

Disheveled and devastated

Kim also mentions the numerous unhappiness she suffered from the media. She was pointed out at her big belly, kilograms, she has even been compared to a whale. In podcat We Are Supported By Kim Kardashian spoke to Kristen Bell and Monic Padman. Reveals the truth about pregnancy:

I was not a lovely pregnant woman. I didn’t like it, I hated it, I hated how I felt, I hated how I looked.

The media really brutalized me and accused me of putting on weight. Covers appeared that likened me to Shamu (ocean killer whale).

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