Dreadlocks and a Greek goddess look: Barbie Zendaya is beautiful (but unobtainable)

Barbie Zendaya: like a contemporary Greek goddess

Hard to find, almost a cult object! Released in 2015, the Mattel doll dedicated to Zendaya is now very difficult to find, even online in vintage stores.

The Barbie dedicated to the actress, cover star of Vogue Italia July, is inspired by Zendaya’s look at the 2015 Oscars where we see the young star in an ethereal cream-colored dress by Vivienne Westwood on which a cascade of long black dreadlocks flow, they remind us a bit of Lisa Bonet, a bit of a contemporary Greek goddess.

Zendaya at the 2015 Oscars with the look that inspired Mattel to create a BarbieFrank Trapper/Getty Images

A look of great effect, which has aroused the interest of the most famous dollhouse in the world.

Zendaya says it: there weren’t many dolls like this when she was little. Mattel’s choice highlights a new frontier in the representation of all types of beauty. A beauty that goes beyond any canon, which resides only in the uniqueness of each of us. Precisely following these values, Mattel has created Barbies of all kinds, with blond or red hair, with freckles, but also with prostheses to make sure that everyone really could identify with them. And that they could also find in dolls a model to be inspired by and not just on an aesthetic level.

In fact, the collection was born some time ago Barbie Role Models, capable of representing the most diverse dreams and ambitions. And so, for those who want to be inspired by those who created the greatest TV series there is Barbie Shonda Rhimes, for aspiring astronauts there is Barbie Samantha Cristoforetti, for super sports cars tennis player Naomi Osaka. And now the last born of her, Barbie Jane Goodall, the English anthropologist famous for her studies on chimpanzees and for her environmental commitment.

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