Dreame H12 is the vacuum cleaner that washes floors, all integrated

Dreame company that orbits within the Xiaomi galaxythe latter known to the general public for its smartphones but present on the market with one rich series of smart home peripherals and accessories. Dreame products are those specifically aimed at solving the needs related to home cleaning, a range of which we have previously analyzed two very interesting products: the Dreame T30 vacuum cleaner and the Dreame W10 floor cleaning robot.

In this article we analyze Dreame H12, the latest addition to the Chinese home cleaning company. It is about a vacuum cleaner that integrates a floor washing system with rotating brush and water and that in this way proceeds, in a single pass, to vacuum the dust and scrub the floors.

The shape and dimensions of Dreame H12 follow both those of the company’s models that preceded it and the main market competitors. The central body integrates the aspiration motor ei two water tanksone dedicated to the collection of the dirty water generated during washing and the other containing clear water: the recovery one has a capacity of 500ml while the one dedicated to clear water of 900ml.

There are 3 buttons in the handle: the power button commands the start and stop of the cleaning action, while the one positioned immediately above enables the suction only modeactivated which the vacuum cleaner does not spray water on the brush leaving it to run dry. This configuration is useful when you want to use Dreame H12 to vacuum liquids on the floor, or simply want to vacuum without even washing the surface. If this button is not pressed the vacuum cleaner operates in Auto modeletting that the suction power is managed automatically according to the level of dirt perceived on the surface by the integrated sensors

At the end of the cleaning Dreame H12 reminds the user that, once placed back on the charging base, it can be cleaned through an automated procedure. To start it, simply press the third button of the product, positioned in the upper part of the handle, clearly indicated with a symbol that recalls cleaning: it proceeds to wash the brush with water and to directly aspirate the liquid, which ends in the tank of the dark water, for a time of just over 2 minutes. It may be necessary to carry out a more intense washing operation proceeding two or more times: in this case it is necessary to check that the collection tank is not too full and that there is enough clean water in the upper one to complete the cleaning.

The result of the automated cleaning is very good and allows you to restore the product to full functionality, so that it is ready for use. It is also advisable to check the condition of the brush, removing the upper plastic cover and, if necessary, removing any debris stuck on the brush and on the cover itself. It is also recommended to periodically check the internal ducts, which are easily accessible by removing the dirty water tank and cleaning them with the special tool supplied.

The brush has the typical shape of those integrated in vacuum cleaners of this type, with a constructive peculiarity: has a very thin profile on the right side, so that it can run next to walls and corners of the walls, managing to remove dirt even in the most difficult to reach areas. The brush has a soft and continuous surface, which is ideally matched with the water used for cleaning, managing to act effectively on the stains on the floor. A second one is supplied as a spare, a replacement made very simple by the side fixing system that is unlocked by pressing the appropriate button.

The upper display has important dimensions and shows the basic information for the operation of the product: in the center the percentage of the battery available, with LEDs that indicate the mode of use between the automatic one and that of suction only without using water. There are also indications of problems such as those related to the blocked suction pipe, the state of the two water tanks and the presence of objects that block the rotation of the brush. The outermost part of the display is colored differently depending on what the automatic cleaning system has detected during suction: if the color turns red, the suction power is maximized.

Dreame H12 integrates a voice messaging system which provides audio indications on what the vacuum cleaner is doing, or if it is necessary for the user to intervene in a specific way (for example to empty the dark water tank). The selectable audio in English, German and French can be adjusted to two different volumes as well as being completely disabled: the selection between languages ​​and the operating mode is done using a small button mounted on the back of the vacuum cleaner.

Dreame H12 performs very well in use, starting with maneuverability: it flows smoothly on the surface and it is easy to direct the brush to the point of the floor that you want to treat. The suction power obviously takes into account the type of power supply, which is battery operated: not at the level of corded vacuum cleaners, which can boast a much higher power. The automated management system of the suction power works effectively, helping to better manage the autonomy which, thanks to the 4.000mAh battery, is always more than adequate for cleaning the floors of a home: indicatively we can use the product for a little less. for 40 minutes consecutively before running out of battery.

The ability to disable the use of water in cleaning is a unique feature of this product: in this way the vacuum cleaner can also be used only to vacuum up dust, as well as obviously being able to use it in this mode to vacuum up liquids from the floor.

Dreame H12 for sale at an official price of 519; at launch the product will be offered at a special price of 399, with a further discount of up to 368 in price for those who have made the preorder.

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