Drew Barrymore, Helena Bonham Carter… People love this lactic acid serum

On the planet people, the little secrets of beauty do not remain unknown to the general public for long, to the delight of beauty addicts who like to copy the skincare routines of their idols to the letter. Recently, it was actress and producer Drew Barrymore, on whom time seems to have no impact, who revealed in an Instagram video one of her favorite beauty products to enhance her complexion and blur the signs of aging. ‘age. Called “Good Genes”, this lactic acid serum offered by Sunday Riley, capable of unifying and illuminating the skin, would also have seduced many other celebrities like Lizzo or Helena Bonham Carter.

The darling of the stars

Loved by celebrities, this highly concentrated serum has thousands of views and just as many positive reviews on social media. One of the reasons? Its formulation, enriched with lactic acid, potassium lactate, prickly pear extract and liquorice, which gently exfoliates while reducing pigment spots and inflammation. This light-textured treatment penetrates deeply to unify and smooth the skin’s texture while giving it a younger, plumper look in just a few weeks. Essential for slowing down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, the Good Genes serum also repairs damage caused by UV rays and external aggressions while reviving the complexion’s radiance.

Suitable for tired, devitalized skin lacking light, this multifunctional beauty elixir is also suitable for acne-prone skin that wishes to limit the appearance of blackheads and other imperfections. Indeed, it helps to boost the skin’s natural exfoliation mechanisms while quickly unifying the complexion. To be applied in the evening on clean, dry skin, this popular treatment transforms it after each awakening.

Good Genes Sunday Riley Serum, €90.32

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