Drew Barrymore Slams The Razzies For Nominating 12-Year-Old Firestarter Lead | Cinema

A few days ago i Raid Awards have announced a change to the regulation after what happened with this year’s nominationswhen Ryan Kiera Armstronginterpreter of the film Firestarters of just 12 yearswas nominated for the Worst Actress award.

Overwhelmed by the criticism, the Razzie had to publish an apology letter signed by John Wilsonwho confirmed that he had removed Armstrong’s name from the list of candidates and stressed that the new rules stipulate that no person under 18 is eligible for the Razzies.

Among the criticisms there was also that of Drew Barrymoreprotagonist of Uncontrollable paranormal phenomenawho on the occasion of his show and a guest at CBS Morningsshe defined herself “full of anger” about what happened.

Look, I understand the idea of ​​not taking ourselves too seriously and having a little laugh, but come on, Ryan is 12.”. He then stressed: “Razzie co-founder John Wilson apologized and removed it from the category. They then added a new rule that no one under the age of 18 can be a candidate”.

The actress then admitted that she was very impressed by the reactions online: ‘I’m glad people didn’t take the opportunity to mock her and say, “This is not good‘”.

What do you think about the words of the actress for what happened with the protagonist of Firestarter? Tell us in the comments!

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