Drew Barrymore transforms into M3GAN for Allison Williams

Drew Barrymore welcomed Allison Williams into the studio for her talk show by transforming into the killer doll featured in M3GAN.

The success achieved by M3GAN at the cinema it allowed the robotic killer doll to get a second film at the speed of the blink of an eye. Arriving in theaters at the beginning of January, the android equipped with artificial intelligence quickly won over viewers by telling of a robot who took the fate of an orphaned girl to heart by developing a personality of her own. To interview Allison Williams during his talk show, Drew Barrymore she couldn’t resist the charm of cosplay and allowed herself a terrifying transformation in perfect M3GAN style.

Drew Barrymore becomes M3GAN for his talk show

So far M3GAN has received positive reviews and a good box office result, so as to quickly get a sequel film. Realized by James Wan also appearing as a producer on the project, M3GAN has introduced a new killer doll to the horror sub-genre. Being equipped with artificial intelligence, the doll has been designed as a must have toy, to be had at any cost and in all homes to take care of children. But M3GAN’s concern leads to obsession, endangering all the people around the little girl You fall. Gemma, her creator, is forced to intervene to stop her once and for all, but it won’t be easy because the doll no longer responds to her commands. Interviewed at The Drew Barrymore ShowAllison Williams who plays lead Gemma was greeted at the studio with a creepy cosplay. The presenter wanted to play M3GAN, disguising herself as the killer doll of the film. In addition to replicating the doll’s signature outfit, Drew Barrymore wore a blonde wig and ice blue contact lenses.

Not content, Drew Barrymore even replicated the doll’s ballet that became one of the film’s highlights. Viral on TikTok even before the film’s actual release at the cinema, M3GAN’s ballet was also taken to The Drew Barrymore Show. Allison Williams even challenged the presenter, asking her: “Rule number 1: if you are a real M3GAN then you can run on all fours?”. Drew Barrymore has proven that he can. Today the film has proven to be a worldwide box office hit with a gross of $125 million. In anticipation of sequelhere is the video in which Drew Barrymore plays the robotic killer doll.

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