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In 1982, Henry Thomas And Drew Barrymore they were the tiny protagonists of the legendary film by Steven Spielberg ET the extra-terrestrial. When the film hit theaters, Drew Barrymore she was just seven years old and in the film she played Gertie, the younger sister of the young Elliot (played by the aforementioned Henry Thomas).

In a recent chat with People, Drew Barrymore was able to talk about how he intends to celebrate the important birthday of the film: in the company of his two daughters and Steven Spielberg.

Here are his words:

I recently talked to Steven Spielberg about it. He calls my daughters whom he held in his arms as children and whom he has always known. I want to enjoy this moment with them, to include them in the celebrations that I will have with Steven. To me he is like a great father figure. So he himself said “We will not fail to celebrate this moment with your daughters”. I replied that “Ok, you’re right, we can’t miss such an opportunity”. It is like a closing circle. My daughters are close to my age when ET came out. In fact, Frankie is just that age. She is seven, she is about to turn eight. Olive is 9 and she’s about to do 10. And they both love Steven so much.

In the eighties, Drew Barrymore she was one of Hollywood’s biggest baby stars. The actress, a member of one of the oldest, most famous and celebrated families of actors in Hollywood, at the age of thirteen had to spend 18 months in a rehabilitation clinic to resolve her addiction to drugs.

And you? Will you celebrate 40 years of ET the extra-terrestrial with a rewatch of Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece starring Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore? If you are registered with BadTaste + you can have your say in the comments box below!

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