Dried fruit, what a passion, all the benefits for our health: “Impossible to resist”

Autumn is the season of dried fruit but which one to eat to cure our health problems? To each their own fruit, we discover all the beneficial properties.

Dried fruit is typical of autumn, it is a super colorful and also very good variety of fruit. In this period we can choose between chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, apricots, ginger, dates and other varieties. In addition to being super tasty, dried fruit has many nourishing properties that help the body, they are real natural remedies. Let’s find out which are the most common fruits and above all their benefits for our health.

– FIGS: in this period it is very common to find a variety of very tasty dried figs on the supermarket counter or at the greengrocer’s. They are rich in mineral salts but in particular in magnesium, iron and potassium, all beneficial properties that help our body. Dried figs are recommended for the afternoon snack, thanks to their satiating properties they are also suitable for those who intend to pay attention to the figure.

DATES: it is a variety of dried fruit that is commercially available between October and November. Excellent for those with constipation problems, dates are a real salvation for the body. In fact, they help normalize the level of cholesterol in the blood and contribute to the intake of mineral salts.

-ALMONDS: in almost all healthy and even low-calorie diets they are recommended as a snack. Almonds are rich in calcium but also in vitamins, they help the sense of satiety but above all they are a healthy touch for the body. In short, it is impossible to do without it in the middle of the day, especially to appease hunger pangs.

-GINGER: this type of root is now also very famous in Italian cuisine. We can prepare herbal teas or infusions that help digestion but not only. Ginger has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help the body to fight seasonal ailments but above all to prevent them.

-WALNUTS: The undisputed protagonists of autumn are walnuts, capable of helping the body to take in many mineral salts such as potassium or magnesium. Source of vitamins, this dry fruit also helps balance the cholesterol level in the blood but that’s not all. It is precisely the elasticity of blood vessels that is improved thanks to walnuts, therefore it is a fruit that cannot be missed in autumn.

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