Driver, winter is coming – you absolutely cannot do this! You risk a fine and damage to the car

When winter arrives, different drivers start using different kinds of tricks. One of them can damage the car. There is also a threat of a fine. Perhaps it would be better not to do so after all?

Winter, snow, frozen windows – you get up in the morning, you want to go to work … and you have to scrape. It’s nothing fancy. How to earn a high fine with this activity? Well, it turns out very easy. All you have to do is follow the trick used by all drivers. If the police see this, you’ll be in trouble.

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Well, what do most of us do in the morning while scraping windows? Before we begin this activity, many of us start the car. We put the heating on to the maximum, at the maximum power of the air flow, and we calmly go outside to scratch the windows. And in the car it will get warmer and the glass will open earlier … and the engine comes off, the oil will get warm – you could say only the advantages!

Is it really like this? As for the oil, the modern ones have much better parameters. In short, the oil will warm up quickly as you drive. Will it get warmer in the car? Yes, but also not necessarily. The temperature will start to rise much more while you are driving. Ba – the mere “running” of the engine at a standstill may mean technical problems. Faster clogging of the DPF or GPF filter, and even getting excess fuel into the oil. “Autokult” draws attention to these elements, claiming that the operation of a cold engine while stationary is harmful to the car.

photo. pixabay

Of course, it is impossible to avoid the evaporation of the windows. We won’t go without it… Yes, we can do it, but it shouldn’t take more than a minute. The police may give us a fine of up to PLN 300 for unnecessary, excessive exhaust emissions, if the car just “walks” at a standstill. Generally, leaving such a car running for more than a minute is subject to a fine of at least PLN 100. If we additionally move away from a working car, there is a risk of another PLN 50 fine.

Source: Autokult

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