Drought alarm in Italy, the Regions: “Cut waste”

Each passing day worries more and more the drought alarm in Italy. From north to south, many local administrations have decided to rationalize water, prohibiting its use other than that “Food, domestic and hygienic”. For now, the measures are many and differ from region to region, but the aim is to find a common agreement that expressly points to rationing and a preference for primary needs. Among the measures under consideration there is a kind of playful water embargowith an eye to the many amusement parks scattered throughout Italy and the use without rules for swimming pools, fountains and gardens.

Zingaretti’s decision

The president of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti signed the water crisis decree that it proclaims “the state of regional calamity, as well as the request for recognition of the state of emergency to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers”. The state of natural disaster, the provision reads, it is foreseen for the entire territory and up to 30 November due to the serious water crisis caused by the absence of meteorological precipitations and as a consequence of the generalized water supply difficulties on the part of the Municipalities.

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