Drought, food that consumes the most water of all: it is not meat

There water crisis it is now a reality and we can no longer exempt ourselves from dealing with a resource as fundamental as it is limited as water. The drought we are experiencing in this already very difficult historical period comes from a series of nefarious decisions made against the planet for decades that hosts us and now we are paying the consequences.

Each of us like inhabitant of the Earth and as a consumerhas the power to reverse the trend and consume in a much more responsible and conscious way: everything – from food to the clothes we wear – has its own water footprint which reveals the amount of water needed to be produced, what type of water is used but also the location and timing.

We know that the products of animal origin such as meat and cheeses they have a larger water footprint than fruit and vegetables, but it is good – for a greater and faster awareness – to put some numbers on paper.

For 1 kg of beef needs 15,400 liters of water, 6,000 for pork and 4,300 for chicken. For an apple, on the other hand, 70 liters are enough, for an orange even less – 50 liters -, for 1 egg 200 liters.

These numbers underline with unequivocal force that adopting a green diet it is seriously good not only for health (this is how red meat and cholesterol are linked) but also for the environment.

Despite that, it wouldn’t be meat production is the main factor responsible for the current drought. There are a number of other goods – not all basic necessities – much more valuable for all the water that is used.

For one kg of cotton requires 10,000 liters of water, so for a t-shirt we use 2,500, while for a pair of jeans we get to 8,000. But we haven’t got to the top yet: with 18,900 liters of water we produce 1 kg of coffee toasted, which translated makes about 130 liters per cup.

To produce 1 kg of chocolate means consuming 20,000 liters of water: this is the most precious asset due to the water footprint it has … Would you have ever thought that?

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