Drug Lord Simulator. Selling drugs on a grand scale like in the GTA

The commercial success of Drug Dealer Simulator encouraged more companies to create similar productions in which we conduct illegal drug activities. One of such titles is Drug Lord Simulator.

Drug Lord Simulator is a game developed by Sicarius studio, the authors of Time to Stop Time from 2020. The leitmotif in this position is very similar to the popular Drug Dealer Simulator – in the production we deal with the creation / import and distribution of drugs.

As you can imagine, running an illegal “business” is not easy. In the game, we will not only deal with raids by the police, but also with the attacks of competitors in the form of various gangs. A game in addition to the motives like from FPP shooting (during clashes with the police and gangs) will also provide plots like z Grand Theft Auto (delivering “goods” to customers in a big city) and the mechanics of the game from managerial and economic titles. In Drug Lord Simulator, we start out modestly, but aim high. The player’s task is to create a thriving drug empire, the scale of which is to be global

The game with the option of network fun in multiplayer (cooperation) will hit the PC market in In the first quarter of 2022. The premiere is planned only on PC. By the way, I recommend reading about the great sales success of the Polish Drug Dealer Simulator – the game is still very popular on PC and is headed for consoles.

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