drug traffickers and a customs agency official are also in handcuffs

A network of allegedly unfaithful dockers and an official from the Customs Agency. It would be them, according to the Guardia di Finanza the international drug “logistics of drug trafficking” which operated in the port of Gioia Tauro in the service of the ‘Ndrangheta. The balance of the operation, carried out last night by the yellow flames, is of 36 arrests and 4 tons of cocaine seized. Operation completed between the provinces of Vibo Valentia, Bari, Naples, Rome, Terni, Vicenza, Milan and Novara. In the blitz, international drug traffickers and, as mentioned, an official of the Customs Agency were arrested.

The suspects

  • Vincenzo Giuseppe Albanese
  • Galliano Aseo
  • Salvatore Bagnoli
  • Domenico Bartuccio
  • Rosario Bonifazio
  • Vincenzo Brandimanrte
  • Salvatore Cananzi
  • Salvatore Copelli
  • Alessandro Cutrì
  • Salvatore Dell’Acqua
  • Girolamo Fazari
  • Saints Fazio
  • Roberto Fucarra
  • Francesco Giovinazzo
  • Francesco Gulalce
  • Domenico Gulluni
  • Domenico Iannaci
  • Rocco Iannizzi
  • Vincenzo Larosa
  • Domenico Longo
  • Michele Silvano Mazzeo
  • Giuseppe Papalia
  • Renato Papalia
  • Damiano Rosarno
  • Pasqualino Russo
  • Pasquale Sergio
  • Antonio Sciglitano
  • Filippo Strano
  • Nazarene Valente
  • Antonio Zambara
  • Franco Barbaro
  • Antonio Bruzzanti
  • Bartolo Bruzzanti
  • Bruno Carbone
  • Domenico Cutrì
  • Raffaele Imperiale

International drug trafficking

Three hundred soldiers of the Provincial Command of the Finance Police of Reggio Calabria, under the coordination of the local Public Prosecutor’s Office – District Anti-Mafia Directorate, directed by Giovanni Bombardieri, are carrying out – with the support of other Departments of the Corps, in 8 regions – restrictive measures of the personal freedom, issued by the Gip section of the Court of Reggio Calabria, against 36 people (34 in prison and 2 under house arrest) involved in international drug trafficking aggravated by the aim of facilitating the ‘Ndrangheta.

The kidnappings

At the same time, searches and seizures are underway to execute real precautionary measures aimed at the confiscation, even for equivalent, of assets and availability attributable to the members of the organization, up to the amount of over 7 million eurosas well as the entire corporate assets of 2 companies, active in the transport sector and used for the commission of offenses.

The operation under review constitutes the epilogue of complex investigations, in the context of which they were seized over 4 tons of cocaine for a retail value of around 800 million euros, conducted by the Organized Crime Investigation Group, Gico of the Economic and Financial Police Unit of Reggio Calabria.

The details of the operation will be announced during a press conference to be held at 10.30 at the Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza of Reggio Calabria in the presence of the prosecutor of the Republic of Reggio Calabria, Giovanni Bombardieri, and the deputy prosecutor Giuseppe Lombardo. , as well as the regional commander, gen. d. Guido Mario Geremia, of the provincial commander, gen. b. Maurizio Cintura, and of the commander of the Pef Reggio Calabria Unit, col. t.Spef Mauro Silvari.

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