“Drugs and alcohol”. The photo of Ariana Grande that paralyzes the US


Everything Ariana Grande does has an impact on the US and the world since she is one of the most recognized artists on the planet. Its huge vocal range makes a magical contrast with its size. The American singer and actress to this day have not had problems with drugs and alcohol like other contemporary personalities with her, however, they indirectly affect her.

The problem that revolutionizes all followers is Grande, but this time Frankie, who is the brother of the Thank u Next interpreter.

Ariana has lived closely all the hardships her brother faced with addiction problems. Some months ago the situation had improved and Frankie managed to be more than 20 months away from drugs and alcohol. However, the road is not being straightforward and it has been known of some episodes of normal crises in these cases. 

The photo shows Frankie with a connected track, the different messages wished him a speedy recovery. It is not known for sure if it was a relapse, but its condition generates concern for the followers of Ariana, who want to see her calm and focused on creating her customary musical art.

Ariana Grande uses music as an escape

For the interesting singer-songwriter, addictions have knocked on her door, and in an environment where drugs are somewhat normalized, she is exposed. Despite this, the bad experience she had with one of her ex-boyfriends, and her brother’s terrible crisis, allowed him to discard this path. 

Ariana Grande sees in music the escape from all the negative problems and incentives that reality has, allowing her to isolate herself and let her creativity fly. Her fans want 2020 to be loaded with new musical initiatives, rather than family problems that disturb her. 


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