Drwala burger returns to McDonald’s. Since when can you order this popular sandwich?

Drwala burger will soon be available in McDonald’s winter offer. It turns out, however, that in some restaurants in Poland it appeared before the premiere.

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Drwala burger at McDonald’s. Since when can this burger be ordered?

From Wednesday, November 24, McDonald’s is introducing a winter offer in its restaurants. It also means a great return of the sandwich – Drwal Burger, which is adored by fast food fans, which is available only in the winter. Its fans are therefore forced to wait for their favorite burger all year round! The phenomenon of the Drwal Burger consists of, among others Breaded processed cheese not available in other burgers. The burger is also distinguished by a cheese roll with spices, which includes: juicy beef cutlet, bacon, lettuce and roasted onion.

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However, McDonald’s has not announced until when the winter offer will be available in the premises. Last year, the Drwal sandwich could be eaten until February.

McDonald’s. Burger Drwala is back in the offer. What sandwich variants will we eat this year?

This year’s winter offer includes as many as four variants of the most popular sandwich – Drwal Burger. These are:

  • Drwal burger with cranberries,
  • Lumberjack’s burger with chicken,
  • Classic Drwala Burger,
  • Spicy Drwala Burger,
  • Double Lumberjack.

However, in the five available variants, we will not find a vegetarian sandwich.

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Drwala burger – price

Classic Drwala Burger and Drwala Burger with chicken cost ± 17.40 PLN. On the other hand, the Drwala Burger with cranberries and spicy costs PLN 17.90. The most expensive version is the Double Lumberjack, for which you have to pay PLN 20.40.

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According to o2.pl, before the premiere, on Tuesday, November 23, you can eat Burger Drwal, among others in Warsaw’s Wilanów or in Mogilany near Krakow. It is also worth asking for a burger at other Polish McDonald’s restaurants.

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