Dua Lipa better than Ariana Grande ?! The new achievement strongly points to this

Dua Lipa Ariana Grande
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Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande are two artists who rule the music industry literally all over the world! Songs that appear quickly become hits and accumulate huge amounts of views on the web. Is Dua Lipa better than Ariana Grande? The new success strongly points to this, but is it really? See for yourself!

Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande rule the music industry without any buts. These are two female singers who need no introduction. Their songs are heard in Poland on many radio stations, including, of course, Radio ESKA. Whenever the premieres of their singles are approaching, fans go crazy with joy and are counting down to the big days. Appearing music videos in the blink of an eye accumulate millions of views on YouTube and are called real hits. This is the case not only with Ari, who has shown what she can do more than once, but also with Dua Lipa. On the night of March 14-15, the most prestigious awards in the music industry, the Grammy, were held. Interestingly, Dua Lipa was nominated in five categories, and she received the award for the best pop vocal album – Future Nostalgia. Ari, on the other hand, was nominated once, together with Lady Gaga, for the best duo / pop band performance. I am talking about a piece, of course Rrain on Mewho won. Now, as it turns out, Dua Lipa has a new success under his belt. Is she better than Ariana Grande?

Songs that are similar to each other

Dua Lipa better than Ariana Grande ?!

Ariana Grande can boast of a huge group of fans on Instagram. The American artist is watched by over 227 million people, while Dua Lipa is followed by nearly 62 million followers. The difference is huge, as is YouTube, where the Ari channel is subscribed by 47.4 million people, and Dua Lipa 17.2 million. But that’s not what we’re talking about. By entering Spotify, both artists can see that this month Ariana Grande had 60 228 731 listeners, while Dua Lipa 62 903 680. Moreover, the star of the hit Don’t Start Now she achieved another success there. I am talking about the album Dua Lipa, which has over 8 billion plays just on Spotify. Surprised? This is the first female album in history to achieve such a success.

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