Dua Lipa cracks internet users with her adorable French accent!

In the latest Vogue France video, Dua Lipa showed off her ease with the French language. What to crack his fans.

In a Vogue France video with chef Hélène Darroze, Dua Lipa demonstrated her love for the French language. His accent did not fail to soften his fans. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Romain Gavras as a French teacher?

After a relationship with Anwar Hadid, Dua Lipa no longer appeared with a man in public. Thus, it decided to correct the situation in 2023 by formalizing their brand new relationship.

Indeed, during the Cannes Film Festival, the British singer climbed the steps on the arm of Romain Gavras, director Athena on Netflix.

Since then, the two lovers have not let go and are very complicit. Indeed, on her social networks, Dua Lipa never hesitates to declare her love for her new companion.

“Last night in Cannes with my heart”, she wrote on Insta during the Cannes Film Festival. “Happy birthdayeeee baby”, she added last July. Dua Lipa therefore seems more in love than ever!

Besides, they don’t let go anymore. Indeed, after taking a vacation together, they celebrated 28 years of the singer in a small committee. An opportunity to strengthen family ties.

And this new relationship also allows him to progress in languages. Yes, Romain Gavras is French and must teach him the basics of our beautiful but complex language.

But obviously, Dua Lipa is a good student. Indeed, in a video from Vogue France, she showed off all her talent by handling the language of Molière like no one else. MCE TV tells you more!

Dua Lipa honored by Vogue France

On August 26, Vogue France unveiled a new video on their YouTube channel. In this capsule, the media invited Dua Lipa to taste the French cuisine of chef Hélène Darroze. Awesome !

During this video, Dua Lipa therefore tried her hand at French, with great success. ” Good morning, this is Dua Lipa. I am here in a delicious restaurant with Hélène Darroze, Extraordinary Leader »says the artist.

Throughout the video, she will rave about the dishes simmered by the chef, while complimenting her work. ” It is delicious “she says. ” This is so cute “adds the interpreter of Dance the Night speaking of a towel.

Inevitably, his speeches in French did not fail to capsize his fans, who salute the fluidity of his sentences. His English accent and his hesitations making everything even more cute!

Moreover, chef Hélène Darroze seems to have appreciated the kindness of Dua Lipa. She shared a selfie with the singer on Insta, writing: “I loved our meeting and our exchanges”. Touching!

In addition to this video, Dua Lipa also posed for the September issue of Vogue France. This shoot, directed by Mert Alas, seeks to highlight the dualities of the singer.

She also takes the opportunity to deliver an uncompromising interview. Indeed, Dua Lipa addresses all subjects, whether personal or professional. She mentions in particular the progress of his third album. Case to follow!

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