Dua Lipa in tights, she’s breaking the pant trend!

Remember, this winter top Kendall Jenner shook the web with a stunning shot. She was seen roaming the streets without pants, in tights and high panties, with a bouquet in hand. Today, Dua Lipa is seizing the trend.

Dua Lipa Loves the “No Pants” Trend

In an Instagram story, Dua Lipa shared select pictures where we don’t recognize her. In fact, the singer is wearing a square dress, a veil but most surprising of all… her hair is blue! Photographed for Chinese magazine Modern Weekly Style, Dua Lipa poses with a futuristic feel in a series of shots. On a picture of the carousel, we can also see the interpreter fly Wearing a close-fitting black top with shoulder pads and a pair of tights, it covered her figure, showing off her shapely buttocks.

Trend “no pants”: stars who strut without pants

She isn’t the first celebrity to embrace the “no pants” trend. Indeed, we miss Kendall Jenner, but also her sister Kylie, as a whole Loewe is seen in briefs and tights on the streets of Paris. Without forgetting the actress Julia Fox in Panty, who completed her look with a pair of high white shoes with heels. Bella Hadid also fell prey to this trend. On her part, she wore micro-shorts similar to men’s boxer shorts, a pair of socks and Uggs.

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