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According to paparazzi Robert Barbera, Dua Lipa violated copyright by posting photos he took in July 2018

Dua Lipa faces a second civil suit over sharing a paparazzi photo of herself, the photographer claimed. The information is from billboard.

The lawsuit in question was filed on June 20, 2022, in California, by the photographer Robert Barbera, from New York. The paparazzi claim as the owner of “Don’t Start Now“infringed the copyright of barbera by posting pictures he took of her in mid-July 2018 on Instagram.

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The alleged photo, which can no longer be found on the artist’s social media profile, showed her wearing a black sweater with the words “HEROES” written on the fabric. An excerpt from the complaint obtained by the billboard alleges: “Without permission or authorization from the Authora Re selected, copied, stored and voluntarily displayed each of the photographs copyrighted by the Author.”

Robert Barbera claimed compensation and penalties for the profits that Dua Lipa could have done with the photograph in the Instagram, in which she advertises music, brand and business interests. The photographer also claimed how he tried to settle the matter with lipa out of court. After the singer received a draft of the complaint, the communication reportedly “slowed down and eventually stopped.”

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It wasn’t Dua Lipa’s first lawsuit – or Robert Barbera

The process driven by Robert Barbera is the second that twolipa faces in a year for sharing paparazzi photos of herself on social media. In July 2021, she was sued by Full Images for copyright infringement. The lawsuit was finally filed at a loss in October of the same year.

Furthermore, barbera filed similar lawsuits against other pop stars such as Ariana Grande and Justin bieber. Second NMEthe photographer tried to process Great twice, in May 2019 and January 2020, and claimed how she shared photos taken by him on Instagram. Both cases were shelved. In turn, the case against Bieber would have been settled out of court.

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