Dua Lipa, Rosalia, Drake, Justin Bieber… Celebrities swear by this jewel as regressive as it is precious – Grazia

Seen on the neck of all the most stylish stars of the moment, this pendant signed Homer has not finished talking about him.

It’s an established fact on the fashion planet: on their own initiative or thanks to the benefits of their status (and the gifts that go with it), celebrities often have exclusive access to brands. And frequently, when a new fashionable label is talked about, it is mainly because the stars have unanimously dubbed it. This is the case of this jewel, as regressive as it is precious, which never ceases to adorn the necks of the most prominent celebrities of the moment, from Dua Lipa to Rosalia via SZA, Drake, Kanye West and Justin Bieber.

Homer: this original pendant necklace that the stars are snapping up

Of these four signature branches, its five slightly regressive circles and its sparkling diamond, the American brand’s “Sphere” pendant Homer conquered the neck of the whole star system, or to a lesser effect, of the rap game. Available in many sizes and colors, it slips on a multitude of chains for a rapper or choker chain effect. Mini around the neck of the incandescent Rosalia, funky around the neck of the pop star Dua Lipa or downright bling tailor-made (and set with diamonds for the modest sum of 1.9 million dollars) to that of Drake, it’s definitely the it accessory of the star system.

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Homer: a rap reference hidden behind the most fashionable jewelry brand of the moment

In reality, it’s a well-known name in the star system behind the brand. Homer and his coveted pendants: rapper Frank Ocean. A true reference on the music scene, the artist founded the label in 2018 before really marketing it in 2021. Since then, his fashion creations and accessories of all kinds often make the buzz on social networks, like the cock ring ” Tea XXXL H-Bone » which is the most expensive in the world and had created controversy, but of the “Sphere” pendant which now flourishes on the necks of celebrities.

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