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Via Reddit, various users are reporting that after the latest PS5 firmware update, the DualSense controller has drifting problemsthat is, the analog sticks perform a direction input even if the player is not touching the stick.

The problem of drifting is usually only a hardware issue, but it is possible that the update has changed the input dead zones of DualSense. Players with controllers with a minimum of drifting may therefore be just now noticing the PS5 controller problem. For now, however, it is only speculation.

According to some users, the problem arose from0307 update of DuanSense downloaded via PC. Users claim that the controller did not previously have any kind of problem. A user claims that he was playing a game with the PS5 controller smoothly, he stopped to update and then the problems started. At the same time, some users claim that they have not encountered any kind of problem after the update.

A handful of reports it is not enough to show that there is a real problem. In any case, if the drifting were real and it was caused (or emphasized) in some way by the software, a new Sony update would be enough to fix it, so it’s nothing particularly problematic.

Here is our insight into what drifting is.

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