Sony reiterated on Twitter the correct wording between ics and cross of the Dualshock controller button.

Sony has officially reiterated that the X button on DualShock controllers is called across and not an IC. The issue re-emerged on Twitter, with someone asking the question, trying to clarify this doubt that has always gripped the owners of Sony consoles.

He was told by the PlayStation UK Twitter account, which explained how the DualShock keys are all geometric shapes. So we have a triangle, a circle, a cross, and a square. The use of ‘ics’ for nomenclature would have made absolutely no sense.

The account also joked that if it was called ics, then how should the circle be called? After all, we are faced with a minor problem: everyone calls the keys of the DualShock or any other controller as he wishes, as long as the correct form is in the official documents and in the games.

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