Dubai: Lopes has resumed training on the pitch


Woytek, source:

After a hard Sunday, one training session took place on Monday. In the morning, some of the players worked individually in the gym.

Photo report from training – 27 photos of Woytek

In the afternoon, there was no team on the pitch Maik Nawrockiinstead appeared Rafael Lopeswho worked under the supervision of a physiotherapist during the first days of the training camp Bartosz Kot in the hotel’s gym. The Portuguese was running and doing simple exercises without the ball.

He worked at full capacity during the first over an hour of classes Artur Jędrzejczyk. Although we will have to wait a little longer for the captain to return to the pitch, it is worth noting that the experienced stopwatch does not intend to stand out from his colleagues in terms of physicality at this stage.

The players did a good amount of exercises with the equipment, and then in intervals they covered the entire length of the field. It lasted for a long time and put grimaces of tiredness on the faces of the players.

Then it was time to work on getting into position, passing and receiving the ball, and in the last phase of the class the whole team played in a very limited field of play, with the ball being played in specific zones. At the end the goalkeepers joined and the same game ended with shots on goal.

Greens: Miszta / Tobiasz – Celhaka, Charatin, Wieteska, Slisz, Sokołowski, Josue, Rosołek, Holownia, Pekhart, Luquinhas
Szarzy: Boruc – Kwiatkowski, Grudziński, Noiszewski, Ciepiela, Muci, Pierzak, Skibicki (Kamiński), Skwierczyński, Strzałek, Włodarczyk

In total, the team’s training unit lasted two full hours.

He will appear in Dubai in the evening Filip Mladenovicand they should arrive the next day Lindsay Rose, Mattias Johansson and Maciej Kikolski. Soon, the trainers will also be available Lirim Kastratiwho also tested negative for coronavirus.

On Tuesday, Legia will train at 10 am on the pitch and after lunch at 3 pm and 4 pm in groups at the gym.

Photo report from training – 27 photos of Woytek

photo: Woytek /
photo: Woytek /
photo: Woytek /
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photo: Woytek /


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THIS IS THERE …. – 7 hours ago, * .57.98



Bogus – 35 minutes ago, *



Enchanting – 9 hours ago, *

MUCI still in the team with the young in games, let it not be like with Carlitos …


Kibolek – 10 hours ago, *

Vukovic can see that blind because he is stupid and blind resumes training. Mioduskie LEGIA FOOTBALL PARODY


robot boy – 10 hours ago, *

@Kibolek: kibolek-a parody of the commentator … ps – I think you have the wrong choice of psychotropics …


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@ robochłop: he just doesn’t take them and these are the effects …


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