Dubbing festival in Savona, Valentina Favazza voice of Marilyn Monroe: “It’s a thrill to play such an iconic character”

Savona/Rome. An exceptional voice actress present, even if only by videoconference, in Savona, on the occasion of the International Dubbing Festival. On Friday, the Sacco theater was the location chosen for the 23rd edition of “Voci nell’Ombra”. What was held was an evening that saw a talk show at the center with screenings, speeches by institutions, cultural realities of the area. Closing the circle and reaching the key moment of the evening was the intervention of Valentina Favazzavoice actress from the Aosta Valley who, at just 35 he has over 200 dubbings between cinematic films, TV series, animated films, soap operas and video games.

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Among his latest dubbed hits, Marilyn Monroe in Blonde, a film released this year and presented at the Venice Film Festival last September, “receiving” great applause. “Was an emotion to lend the Italian voice to such an iconic character – Favazza tells IVG.it -. We are talking about a person who has had a very sad story. Needless to say, it’s a very touching and empathetic story.” She then reveals: “To be honest, I haven’t seen the whole film yet… I’m not ready yet. In the days when I was engaged in this dubbing I had to accompany my mother in her last days. It hurts me to somehow go back in time, my mother loved the character of Marilyn, she was very happy with the role that was assigned to me. She couldn’t wait to see the film… sadly she didn’t make it”. A special thanks then to the director and dialogue writer of the dubbing for Italy of ‘Blonde’, Jessica Loddo.


In this difficult period Valentina has also lent his voice to another film product of great value: the new series of The Lord of the Rings – The Rings of Power. It is precisely the protagonist, Galadriel, who brings the Italian voice of Favazza to the screen, a sweet voice that enchants. “I have always been a great Tolkien lover – she confesses, it is easy to understand how it was an immense surprise to know that she was selected to dub the protagonist of this new series. It was challenging, Marilyn and Galadriel are two completely different women, but with one note in common, strength” explains the voice actress.

Shadow Voices 2022

But among the many films, Valentina Favazza also lent her voice to Jennifer Lawrence in the saga X-Menfor Dakota Johnson in Black Mass – The Last Gangster, for Jessica Alba in The Ten. But if we ask what is the film that stimulated you the mostthe one that put her the most to the test, she replies: “The dubbing that I will always carry in my heart is that of Alicia Vikander in The Danish Girl. The theme dealt with, the transgender one, is very strong and the teamwork between the various voice actors was important. All this created a magical atmosphere. I also worked with my partner – reveals Valentina, who has also found love in her work -. Working long hours together on voiceovers can spark the spark” she smiles.


But getting even more personal, we ask how it was taken in Valentina another passioneven older, that one for the dubbing. “I started late to enter this world, at the age of 17, but I’ve always been a huge fan of voice acting. If I have to find the precise moment in which it all began, my grandfather Mario comes to mind, when he made me listen to fairy tales in an audio version – explains Favazza -. Then followed the theater, but I’d rather be heard than seen, finally I have to thank Anna Radici who made me grow. From there I began my career in voice acting. My first ‘real’ dubbed film was The theory of everything“, was twenty years old. Since that highly successful film, Valentina has dubbed others: her curriculum has over 200.

Finally, we ask what it means to register. “In this period he sees still some restrictions important in our area due to Covid, work is still seen as a little cold – he confesses -. It used to be recorded together with the other voice actors, now everyone is separate. Yes, you listen to the jokes of others on headphones, but it’s not the same thing”. But about the sessions, Valentina tells us: “If you have a role as a protagonist you find yourself having to do even 7 shifts of registration about 3 hoursin order to finish the dubbing within about a month”.

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