DuckDuckGo introduces App Tracking Protection on Android

DuckDuckGo announced a beta of its App Tracking Protection feature in its Android App. Thanks to it, users can block external trackers lurking in other applications.

For now, the application tracking protection feature is only available to a limited group of users. However, anyone can join the waiting list via the Android browser app.

No more tracking by huge companies

The creators of DuckDuckGo have set themselves the goal of fighting for user privacy. In their post, they cite examples of many well-known companies that use hidden tools to be able to track everything the user does in the application, and even how they use the smartphone when you are not using their application.

Knowing that many of the applications on offer today were designed to record user activity in real time, DuckDuckGo decided to prevent this kind of practice. App Tracking Protection is free and blocks third-party trackers that it identifies in other applications. The function has been built into the DuckDuckGo application, so the user does not have to download additional programs.

Operation details

If an Android user decides to run a new option, the DuckDuckGo application starts detecting when installed programs are sending data to third parties, and then blocks them. This way, you will be able to continue using your favorite applications without worrying about privacy issues.

Application Tracking Protection runs in the background and blocks detected trackers in your applications around the clock. The developers said they are constantly working to identify and protect against new tracking tools, ensuring users always get the most up-to-date protection.

Directly from the DuckDuckGo application, the user can see a real-time view of trackers blocked with the help of the new feature, along with information to whom programs tried to send data. With notifications enabled, it will also receive automatic summaries.

Joining the beta

You must join a private waiting list to access the beta version of protection. Importantly, the user does not have to provide any personal data. Instead, it will secure its place on the waiting list according to a date and time that exists only on its device. To do this, download or update your application and choose to join the beta in the settings.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser 5.102.2

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