DuckDuckGo introduces tracking protection by Android apps. Facebook doesn’t like it …

DuckDuckGo – The privacy-focused app introduces Android App Tracking Protection. The new feature, currently in beta, will allow users to block third-party trackers such as Facebook and Google hidden in their apps.

The vast majority of applications have third-party trackers hidden in their code. These trackers monitor user behavior across various applications and help create profiles that may include what you are buying, demographics, and other information that can be used to show personalized ads. These hidden trackers are a nightmare for privacy advocates, as ad giants can track a lot of user behavior even when not using their apps. Tracker owners can also sell data to other advertisers, data brokers, and even governments.

DuckDuckGo will block third-party tracking in Android apps (just like iOS). This means that, for example, Facebook will not be able to track the user’s activities in other applications. DuckDuckGo will also provide statistics about blocked trackers, networks to which data was supposed to be sent, and much more.

According to data from, over 96% of Android apps have hidden third-party trackers – 87% of these trackers sent data to Google and 68% of them to Facebook. Similar results were found in another review by AppCensus. Apple recently introduced app tracking transparency in a recent iOS update. This feature allows iPhone users to enable or disable application tracking. Unfortunately, there is no such feature in Android, which is the world’s most popular smartphone operating system. Google does not want to cut itself off from the source of valuable information.

However, help in this matter comes from a rather unexpected direction. With the DuckDuckGo app, Android users will be able to block third-party trackers. According to an article on the official DuckDuckGo blog, Application Tracking Protection is “free and blocks trackers that it identifies in other third-party applications (that is, all other than the app developer).” The feature will constantly block trackers in the background. You can view blocked trackers as well as the tracking networks to which the data would be sent. You can also set notifications to receive automatic summaries of blocked trackers.

The beta version of Android Tracking Protection is limited for the time being. It does not block trackers in all applications, and browsers are ignored as they may consider the websites they visit to be trackers themselves. Additionally, DuckDuckGo claims that some applications require tracing to be enabled in order to work; for this reason it gives a pass for mobile games. While the tool blocks Facebook trackers in other apps, it doesn’t support blocking trackers in the Facebook app itself. In DuckDuckGo’s settings, you can whitelist any other apps that don’t work properly with App Tracking Protection turned on.

To access the new functionality, you must join a private waiting list. “We let new people in every week, so the sooner you join, the faster you can protect the privacy of your app,” the company wrote. You can join a private waiting list by going to “Settings” and then “Application Tracking Protection” in DuckDuckGo.

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